1240 CNS Multiplexer


1240 CNS Multiplexer

The range of 1240 CNS Fibre Optic Voice & Data
Multiplexers have been designed and optimised to
provide a point to point link, with optional cable path
protection for: -
Control Tower to Airfield Comms, Navigational Aids and

The 1240 CNS Multiplexers are in operational use at
London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh,
and Belfast City, to name a few Airports.

Combination of Ethernet and Non-IP interfaces provide
a cost effective solution for transitioning to new CNS
IP based Systems.

The Ethernet IP interfaces support Radar Asterix, VoIP
ED137 and System Monitoring.

Proven ED137B & C VoIP operation, for up to 16
Ground/Air Radios with a separate IP network for
Radio Status, SNMP or System Management Monitoring.

The same CNS Multiplexer simultaneously supports up
to 8 legacy Air/Ground Radios, (4 wire Voice + E&M
signalling with or without phantom earth), permitting
easier transition from existing 25KHz to 8.33KHz

For Data requirements there are X.21/RS422/RS485 &
RS232 (V.24) interfaces. 

Dual power feeds to the 1240 CNS Multiplexer are
provided to minimise a single point of failure.

The 1240 CNS Multiplexer has an 18Vdc to 72Vdc input
range, accommodating site locations having either 24V
or 48V DC battery systems, (positive or negative earth).

There is a generous optical light budget, maintained over
the lifetime of the 1240 CNS Multiplexer, achieved by the
built in compensation correcting & sustaining the Laser's
output level.

A key feature of the 1240 CNS Multiplexer range is the
visual & status indication of receive light levels, providing
confirmation of correct link operation. 4 LEDs show the
amount of light going in to the Multiplexer.

Remote light levels are available at the push of a button,
minimising remote site visits, simplifying fault finding
with fibre breaks or providing early warning of fibre loss

The range of 1240 CNS Multiplexers are designed for
extended lifetime service and attractive life time
ownership costs.

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