Aviation Ground Infrastructure CNS

Communication Networks

Aviation Network Infrastructure (Ground)

Airport/Airfield Network CNS

FTI has been a Contractor to UK Civil Aviation Authority
& National Air Traffic Services, since 1984.

Design, integration & installation of Air Traffic Control
Tower IP & Non-IP Networks to: -

    Fire Station
    Fire Alarm
    Radio Receiver
    Radio Transmitter
    Voice Switch

Navigational Aids
    Airfield Ground Lighting AGL
    Instrumentation Landing Systems ILS
    Instrumented Runway Visual Range IRVR
    Meteorological MET
    Navigational Beacons DME, DRDF, NDB, VOR

           Approach APR
           Surface Movement SMR
    Runway CCTV

Airport Terminal & Satellite Building
    Building Management System
    Flight Information System
    Security & Surveillance

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