Digital (Remote) Towers

Aviation Ground Infrastructure CNS

Digital Towers

Consultancy, Network Design, Monitoring, Optimisation

A Digital Tower is providing Air Traffic Controllers with
advanced surveillance, replacing a Visual Control Room
(VCR) with monitors linked to strategically placed

Cranfield has the first operational Digital Tower in the UK.
Designed by SAAB Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS)
and is an integral part of the Digital Aviation Research
& Technology Centre (DARTeC), at Cranfield University.

Most if not all Control Towers (including Digital) currently
have both IP & Non-IP Comms, Nav Aids & Surveillance
(CNS) Systems. The move is towards Digital Towers with
all IP Networks.

Aviation networks, systems and data security in the UK
have to comply, with the CAA's Cyber Security Oversight
Process, in the form of CAP 1753.

Exisiting regulations applicable to aviation organisations 
under CAP 1753 include: -

The CAA has developed the Cyber Assessment
Framework (CAF) for Aviation, CAP 1850; from working
closely with Department of Transport (DfT), Centre for
the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and
National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

To assist with Aviation Cyber Security for Critical
Systems, the CAA have a Scoping Guidance, CAP 1849.

Digital (Remote) Towers

For Remoting of a Digital Tower there is the challenge
of achieving the required Network performance to
support Aviation ED137 VoIP, 4K Surveillance Video
and the Non-IP CNS Systems.

The key to a successful Inter-Site Network for Digital
Towers is primarily determined by: -

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