Digital (Remote) Towers

Aviation Ground Infrastructure CNS

Digital (Remote) Towers

Consultancy, Network Design, Monitoring, Optimisation

Most if not all Control Towers currently have both IP
& Non-IP CNS (Comms, Nav Aids & Surveillance). The
move is towards an all Digital (IP) Control Tower.

For Remoting of a Control Tower there is the challenge
of achieving the required Network performance to
support Aviation ED137 VoIP, 4K Surveillance Video
and the Non-IP CNS Systems.

The required Network specification incorporates security
advice from the Government Security Agencies &
Departments, for the UK these are; CPNI (Centre for the
Protection of National Infrastructure), NCSC (National
Cyber Security Centre).

On-going work in Remote Towers is to make the Tower
Smart. What makes a Smart Tower? 

A Smart Digital Tower is equipped with a range of
assistive functionalities and features, to enhance Air
Traffic Management, runway safety, ground operations
and to increase operational efficiencies at the airport.

Part of a Smart Tower is the design of IP Networks
employed to operate and have Remote Tower capability.

It is expected the current CVCR Contingency Visual
Control Rooms (for on going operations) will eventually
be Remoted.

Similarly the ECVCR Emergency Contingency VCR (for
short term operations) could be centralised for a
number of Airports.

The key to a succesful Inter-Site Network for Digiital
Towers is primarily the available choice of services
from the Telco providers, together with minimsing
the impact of the necessary levels of Security
protection on the latency & jitter for VoIP and Video
bandwidth, to achieve the required performance.

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