Communication Networks

Defence - UK & Worldwide Military

Video, Voice & Data Comms

FTI designs and manufactures a range of Fibre Optic
Communication Network Equipment for UK & Worldwide
Defence Markets. The Equipment provides high system-
availability, resilient communications including self-
healing networks, path protection and auto changeover

FTI's Fibre Optic Communication Equipment
interconnects various Manufacturers of Military Radars.
A notable example is Alenia-Marconi's Martello S – 743D
supplied to the Royal Malasian Air Force. The Primary
Radar Trace produced to the World’s Media a few days
after the disappearance of Flight MH370 came from
Bukit Puteri Radar, reportedly a Martello S – 743D with
a listed range of 270nm. FTI's Fibre Optic Equipment
interconnects the Alenia-Marconi S - 743D Radars in

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