1240 CNS Multiplexer


1240 CNS Multiplexer

Proven Solution

The range of 1240 CNS Fibre Optic Voice & Data
Multiplexers have been designed and optimised to
provide a reliable point to point Network, with cable
path protection, for Safety Critical Systems: -
Control Tower to Airfield Comms, Navigational Aids and

The 1240 CNS Multiplexers are in operational use at
London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh,
and Belfast City, to name a few UK Airports.

A key strength of the 1240 CNS Multiplexer is it's
versatility to integrate/network all Aviation Manufacturers
of: -
Navigational Aids
       Equipment/Systems to a (Digital) Control Tower.

Combination of Ethernet and Non-IP interfaces provide
a cost effective solution for transitioning to new CNS
IP based Systems.

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