1240 CNS Additional

1240 CNS Multiplexer

Additional Features

Optical Fibre Light Level

Additional features and capabilities have been added to
the 1240 CNS Multiplexer as a result of Customer
Feedback, experiences from Installation & Commissioning
and from Training Courses.

One of those has become a key feature of the 1240 CNS
Multiplexer range, the visual & status indication of
receive light levels, providing confirmation of correct link
operation. 4 LEDs show the amount of light being
received over the fibre link.

Remote light levels are available at the push of a button,
(& via Relay Contact Monitoring) minimising remote site
visits, simplifying fault finding with fibre breaks or
providing early warning of fibre loss degradation.

The range of 1240 CNS Multiplexers are designed for
extended lifetime service and attractive life time
ownership costs.

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