1240 CNS Key Features

1240 CNS Multiplexer

Key Features

IP & non IP

The Ethernet IP interfaces support Radar Asterix, VoIP
ED137 and System Monitoring.

Proven ED137B & C VoIP operation, for up to 16
Ground/Air Radios with a separate IP network for
Radio Status, SNMP or System Management Monitoring.

The same CNS Multiplexer simultaneously supports up
to 8 legacy Air/Ground Radios, (4 wire Voice + E&M
signalling with or without phantom earth), permitting
easier transition from existing 25KHz to 8.33KHz

For Data requirements there are X.21/RS422/RS485 &
RS232 (V.24) interfaces, primarily used on Navigational
Aids and some Radars. 

Dual power feeds to the 1240 CNS Multiplexer are
provided to minimise a single point of failure.

The 1240 CNS Multiplexer has an 18Vdc to 72Vdc input
range, accommodating site locations having either 24V
or 48V DC battery systems, (positive or negative earth).

There is a generous 30dB optical light budget, maintained
over the lifetime of the 1240 CNS Multiplexer, achieved
by the built in compensation correcting & sustaining the
Laser's output level. 60Km distances should easily be
achievable. Extended version offers 120Km.

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