Network Installation

Services - Network Installation

CATV and Telecommunications

Optical Fibre

FTI has implemented the installation, testing and
commissioning of Key Fibre Optic Cabling Infrastructure,
examples include for BT, Mercury Communications,
United Artists (now Virgin Media).

Fibre Optic Cabling Installation includes 3J Interconnects
(BT & Mercury Exchanges), Rail (Trackside), Road,
Street Pavement and Premise.

The high Fibre standards and practices employed in the
Telecommunication Industry from the 1980's are used
throughout FTI's Installations.

Airport / Airside

Control Tower CNS

FTI has over 30 years of designing, installing, testing and
commissioning Airfield Fibre Optic Cabling Infrastructure.

Employing predominately Ring Structures to interconnect
Comms, Navigational Aids and Surveillance Systems to
Control Towers.

Solutions for CAT III b Instrumentation Landing Systems,
Navigational Aid, meeting the ICAO Standard for
changeover in the case of Cable/Line Faults.
In operation at London Heathrow.

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