FTI Communication Systems Ltd

Networks for Critical Infrastructure

Market leader in networks for UK Aviation Control Tower
infrastructure supporting airfield Comms, Navigational
aids and Surveillance systems.

FTI provides expertise in the design of safety critical
networks and innovating Deterministic Ethernet, based
on a portfolio of patented IP and know-how: -

Company also has an office base at Cranfield
University's Technology Park, at the heart of UK's
Aviation Research. The Digital Aviation Research and
Technology Centre (DARTeC), spearheading Research
into digital aviation technology, is in an adjacent building.

Commercial Off The Shelf products (COTS) are selected,
evaluated and tested to ascertain reliability, performance;
how well the products integrate & network with the chosen
End Equipment/Systems and in doing so, proving fit for

Application requirements not met by COTS products, FTI
designs & manufactures high reliability compliant
communication networking equipment and power
supplies, for example please see: -
#1240 CNS Multiplexer.

Strategic partnerships enable FTI to offer its network
expertise for safety critical infrastructure to a variety of
market sectors including Defence, Telecommunications, 
Transportation and Utilities, in the UK and Worldwide.

For further information please 'Contact FTI'.