IP Networks, Non-IP (TDM) & Fibre Communications

FTI is the market leader in UK Aviation Network
Infrastructure for IP & Non-IP (Time Division
Multiplexing) Control Tower to Comms, Navigational
Aids and Surveillance Networks.

FTI provides expertise in network design, system
integration with end equipment, network configuration
& optimsiation, network security, performance
monitoring and installation of turnkey networks meeting
project requirement specifications.

For requirements not met by COTS (Commercial Off
The Shelf) products, FTI designs & manufactures
compliant Communication Networking Equipment,
for example - please see #1240 CNS Multiplexer.

Strategic partnerships enable FTI to offer
comprehensive solutions for networks within a variety
of market sectors including Defence,
Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities, in
the UK and Worldwide.

For further information please 'Contact FTI'.