Aviation Networks

Aviation Networks

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Aviation Network Infrastructure CNS

Airport/Airfield Comms

Comms Systems Networked to Control Tower

The following Comms Systems have been proven with the 1240 CNS Multiplexer: -

Radio Transmitters & Receivers

Main (A), Standby (B) & Emergency (E)

VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol ED137B & C (low latency)

PCM 4W E&M (Including Phantom Earth)

VCCS Voice Communication Control System

IP based ED137B C


Voice Data Recorders

IP based ED137B C


ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service

4W E&M

Emergency Services

Fire Station

Fire Alarm

Crash System

Outside Agencies

8.33KHz (& 25KHz) Radios

ATC have acknowledged FTI's low latency, both with ED137 over Fibre and with the legacy analogue E&M, (which enables true off air, side tone monitoring - for non VoIP operation).

Airport/Airfield Comms

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Navigational Aids Networks

Nav Aid Systems Networked to Control Tower

The following Navigational Aids have been proven with the Fibre Optic Path Protected 1240 CNS Multiplexer, meeting ICAO requirements for the most demanding ILS approach, CAT III B, and is in operational use at London Heathrow.

Instrument Landing Systems ILS


GP Glidepath

LOC Localiser

DME Distance Measuring Equipment

VOR Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range

DVOR Doppler VOR

FFM Far Field Monitor

RCIU Remote Control Interface Unit

RMM Remote Maintenance Monitoring

Meteorological Systems

Anemometer; Wind Speed and Direction

Barametric Pressure


IRVR (Instrumented Runway Visual Range) scatterometer/diffusionmeter transmissometer

IP and Legacy system integration, proven operation.

Navigational Aids Networks

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Surveillance Networks

En Route Airport/Airfield Radars

The first ATC Surveillance Radars in the UK, connected cross site by optical fibres, was by FTI in 1984 for the CAA at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Replacing BT's leased landlines, project pay back period was 5 years.

FTI has Networked (IP & Legacy Non-IP) the following types of ATC Air Traffic Control Surveillance Radars:

ADS-B Auto Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

MLAT Multilateration

PAR Precision Approach Radar

PSR Primary Surveillance Radar

SMR Surface Movement Radar

SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar

Radar Flight Displays

Networked to Control Towers over leased Telecom lines and optical Fibre cables.

FTI is providing a migration path from legacy Analogue to IP, following the withdrawal of Analogue Services by Telecom Providers.

Surveillance Networks

Please see our product: 1240 CNS Multiplexer

1240 CNS Multiplexer

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