Changeover system

Changeover system

The self healing Fibre Network.

Self Healing Fibre Network

Auto-Changeover Control Tower CNS

At London Heathrow (LHR), FTI's self healing Fibre Network connects the Comms, Navigational Aids and Surveillance systems to the Control Tower and has been shown to be essential (on more than one occassion).

There are two Fibre Network Rings, one around the North Runway and the other for the South. A break in the Fibre Network Ring will self heal in less then 0.5 sec, comfortably meeting the 2.0 sec ICAO Standard requirement for a CAT IIIB Instrumentation Landing System. The self healing Fibre Network assists in maintaining the high utilisation of both LHR Runways, where Aircraft separation can be as close as 2.5 nautical miles.

Fibre Network Rings

The self healing Fibre Ring (FTI's Auto-Changeover Equipment) has been in operation at LHR from 2006.

Auto-Changeover Control Tower

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